God Almighty forgive me for adultery, fornication,covetness

Blemishes and warnings from God
Know that taking medicine does nothing for blemishes.
• Tingling of the tongue also called double tongued means you have been lying.
• A boil that stands out on the face means you are in covetness sin
• A boil on the lip means you are in adultery
• A burn like a sunburn means you are in fornication
• A itchy rash that will not go away mean you do not lean to the truth
• A body that ache to the bone means you are in blasphemy
• Swollen lower back means stealing work and you are out of covenant with God
• Swollen throat mean you are untrue to the ways of God
• Painful swollen genital area means you have been doing homosexuality acts
• Unrelivable leg cramps mean you are a false witness
• Feeling like you are falling means you have committed murder
• If a woman period last long periods of time it means your man is committing adultery
• If a man has no erection with his woman that means your woman is committing adultery
• Loss of a completely healthy baby in the womb or of a child with unnatural causes means you were not honoring God in your duties or obligations to be holy and clean
• To have unintentional accidents without major injury to yourself means the course is not clear to you it is a warning you need to seek the wisdom of God
• Bleeding from the inside making tumors in the stomach means you are taking chances repenting first about a act you are ready to commit so you can be clean as you commit the unclean acts.
• Stumbling over nothing visible to see means talking righteously and not working acts or righteousness
• Uncureable sickness means you have sought out to destroy or harm a sent person of God
• A healthy minister reconciled to God suddenly go to their death with unnatural causes means they willfully chanced reconciliation to play sinful games
• Unbarable teeth ache even a dentist could not help means you have been speaking ill of someone without first cleaning up your own actions
• Unable to clearly know how you feel about a person or always doubting their love for you means you have changed your spouse without first repenting and waiting two weeks for God to see the reason of the divorce
• Red biles and penile sack of a man not able to fill means drug abuse
• Red biles and breast that are heavy and hurt of a woman means drug abuse
• Lacking ability to go or just all of a sudden feeling lazy means folly is coming to you leave home
• Feet itching means stay away from unrighteous acting company coming to your house
• Bad skin condition means to wash your hair
• Women growing facial hair and baldness on the head means you are taking fool chances
• Men hair baldness means taking fool chances
• Bad taste buds for long periods of time means you are walking astray not in a holy way
• Hot flashes mean you are being cast down or to help others lost already gone to their graves by teaching them the reconciliation prayer
• Cold feet means you are working unrighteously
• Sweaty feet means you are working here alone
• Itchy ears mean someone has been talking negative about you

• When a bunch people are causing drama in your life it means God is taking reconciliation away cause you did not heed the warnings
. A mote on the center of the head that hurts often means drunkeness

.Unwelcoming pain in the body and constant tension headaches mean you have been disrespectful

.Being aggrevating with swollen feet and no help for the swelling means you have been disobedient

.Swollen hands that dont hurt or have not been injured mean diverse multiple souls occupy the body

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