God Almighty forgive me for adultery, fornication,covetness

Though they have a don’t ask don’t tell law they are trying to pass it brings a question to mind for a righteous person "what does this law really mean." To a righteous person who knows God it is called secrecy but God says all that has been said in secret shall be revealed so what ever done in the dark shall be revealed. People like sodom and gomarrah all shall be known. I say real men and women of God knows not to agree with anything that breaks the commandments of which God set forth for His people. How dare we choose our own way of living saying the commandments are done away with or that God has no problem with this way of living or I cant help myself. If you would stop being so ignorant or self absorbed, sit down and truely evaluate yourself then decide if you want God or just this world you will see that, that private life of sin is not as private as you think. No rape, no abortion, no beating or harassment will slip through so if this is your way believe you shall be guilty for hurting someone this way is murder. Just so you will know it is not acceptable to hurt any one. This world that we live in is mean and cruel. Children as well as adults are being abused mentally and physically including sexually. It’s a shame our government tries to cover it up but people its only covered up on this earth not anywhere else. The government promotes homosexuality, prostitution, sexual abuse then they say that they are of God. Not the one true God I say because He said no to homosexuality, He doesn’t agree with physical or mental abuse, He doesn’t agree with prostitution, or execution, abortion these are murders and ok homosexuality an abomination. (Never to fellowship with God.) People take time and think about what you are doing don’t fool yourself. Romans 1:21 makes it very clear. Take time learn, read, REPENT. For this nation is in serious danger. Every person needs to REPENT for their own wrongs you say I don’t have to because God sees and knows all. Unlearned person that is what you think if you keep reading scripture you will see it says God fellowships not with sinners. 1 John1 so if you have unconfessed sin for those who say you don’t have to name it you are foolish there are 10 commandments name what you done. For instance if you have had an abortion that is murder name it. If you have taken some ones spouse or lover that is covetness and fornication plus adultery. If you have worshiped false god which many have done because of lack of knowledge that is sin. If you have raped someone that is murder, covetness and stealing. If you have sex with more then one person no matter whether at one time or more than one at a time its called fornication, and adultery so people even though you was with a person for 100 years and now you are with someone else you have a sin its called fornication name it to God in the name of his son then you will be forgiven for it by God then He heals you. This is His ordinance test and prove it to yourself. Listen though the world may still say you are a sinner its because of their guilt and unrepentance that they feel you should not overcome. Let it be God that raises you up and not man because this life on this earth will continue but we all have a destiny to meet whether Heaven or Hell we choose, No pastor, No president or anyone can guide us to Heaven it has to be God leading us to His righteousness and truth. Stand for God and He will stand for you. In scripture it talks about people not knowing and just going along with generational fallacy. Think about it, has what you done or been doing helped you? The truth is light it shines on a person who seeks knowledge. Wake up and learn, help and do the true will of God not of man. In order to do the true Will of God people you have to be in true fellowship with Him. Yes you say I have fellowship with Him cause He blessed me and He did this or that. People the true blessing of God comes to a repented person. Just like in the time of old when they really knew God. What many know now is a host not the true unchangable God who seeded a woman to have His son, who brought light (wisdom) to our ancestors. The unchangable God that forgives us for our admitted sins and asks us not to forsake His covenant, to live within His Laws, statues and ordinances. The unchangable righteous God that no man has ever seen. The same God who brings His people into fellowship with him and promotes them not as the world but in the world. People REPENT NOW and SEEK the truth for God did not tell us to be a prew warmer sitting in a church or working for the church repented up our body is the Holy temple our testimony is the church our tithes is what we use toward helping other to Him as far as giving someone something like a card telling them how to repent or in greater lengths helping organize a banquet to show people how to be reconciled maybe even campaigning for such duties to help people to learn reconciliation. (To Repent) So get up and do it so you can have your own testimony first you and your family this is getting your house in order cleaning your garment (soul) and come to light. Be true to yourself because when it all comes down to it when God says what were you doing after reconciliation let it not be that you were holding that tal (truth) or just barren (unfruitful) seek the truth and do the Will of God by telling the people how to repent cause many know not. The conclusion is Repent then Baptism. This is what brings in true Fellowship. People First Repent then Fellowship can happen . God forgive me for adultery, fornication , covetness in the name of Jesus Amen.

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