God Almighty forgive me for adultery, fornication,covetness

In the business of saving souls hear the message

Thank you for the invite but sorry we can't make it this time make sure to note that we are in the business of helping revive the soul from the dead for God Almighty is not the God of the dead but with reconciliation and acknowledgement He helps the living. The prayer for reconciliation is the vital part of baptism its cleansing first then baptism days later atleast ten days now the prayer for each candidate is :God Almighty forgive me for adultery, fornication, covertness...in the name of Jesus amen.

Now acknowledgement for sin is vital to know that the moment a person has sex or is raped brings in marrage or fornication. You say why well marriage has a bonding agent which is sexual intercourse. Even though a person is raped the moment that person does this act even if the kid is two years of age it doesnt matter even a 1 month old it causes sin. So that person too must admit adultery. Now if the person committing such a criminal murderous act has had one other partner they are now a murderer/adulter. Knowing these things help a person with knowledge and by the way if this is the act then the person whom was raped have to name fornication why because that person who caused the act is an adulter and it is not their first mate. Now if the person whom was raped have had other partners then they of course name adultery/ covertness why because even though they did not cause this act the truth is until God Almighty sees such actions being thrust upon them it is still that they had sex with another person spouse. Now if this sex was same sex whether taken through rape or otherwise given it is homosexuality that must be named in the time or repentance. Now to address some more issues when a person commits any violent actions, have abortions or have given abortions they have commited murder so they must name that sin. If a person is not truely appointed by God Almighty to actually give His words because they have not yet repented they must repent also naming blasphemy, lying and murder. You say why blasphemy because they have not yet come into reconciliation to be appointed, lying because they give the false gift of reconciliation that comes with out the true gift of life and murder because they have failed to help the people with the freely given soul cleansing of repentance unto God Almighty of which He has made us ministers of. Now take in account that you have heard the message and pass it on for your time will come and believe me you shall have to account for the many souls of whom you helped or did not help.

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