God Almighty forgive me for adultery, fornication,covetness

How can you say you are blessed when the word defines as Holy and you knowing deep within that you are unHoly having sin as you have not been reconciled to God. You living with the shame of sin and dressed in unworthiness a filthy garment. Do you know because you have sin God sees you not nor does He know you but you living as a pharisee believe that God has communed with you. "If God has true communion with you then these diseases (cancer, tumors, HIV, etc.) of the world you have not for He heals His. Have you read in scriptures that light does not fellowship with the dark? Light means righteous and dark means unrighteous. God is the light and to have fellowship with Him you must be reconciled. To be reconcile is the first step of faith. Faith is a action not just to claim to believe for in scripture you also learn that the Devil also believed. Each spirit (person) knows what Commandments in which they have broken it is their responsibility as a true man or woman of God to acknowledge and admit to Him their shame (sin) How can you ask God to bless you when you refuse His Ordinance. Be reconciled to Him and live alive (in His sight) instead of living dead (out of His sight). Do not confuse yourself for unreconciled people are of the world, live as the world, worshiping idly (far from God) and study paganism. Know to continue in the ways of the world is a snare to the spirit (person). Awake for when your carcass goes to the grave for which the time you not of what day or hour. Do not refuse to hear or to see for in death you have made your choice as it is written "woe in that time to that spirit." A reminder to all "military war, abortion, suicide, mental abuse and the like is all murder" Do you know those who agree with unrighteous acts whether you yourself physically commit it or agree with it will also be subjected to that of what you agree. Be careful in what you choose to agree on for the wilderness (Earth) is the place all have been wandering for many centuries. Now acknowledge and come to the true knowledge of God this comes only by His Ordinance to refuse is to continue darkness (unrighteousness). Having no penance and no true fellowship with God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. To claim to be blessed and not to truely have penance is a snare to your spirit be true to yourself and know that though God left for many generations He has returned to sort the chaff from the wheat so ask yourself which are you? To be wheat is to reconciled you know which Commandments you have broken name them in pray you pray to God in the name of His Son whom is the intercessor (Door point of entry). For God sent His Son to the world to save the world (those who will hear). Hear people a little knowledge The land all of the land belongs to God and not human beings whom was given the land by God to cultivate and substain. Not to fight over territory this fight is not of God but of the world for the carnal was is of the world. God said do no murder and shed no blood you recall in Torah God left even Samuel because of shed blood. Learn this for your true freedom is at hand. God gives us free choice He has never forced people to be His people but know this also to refuse His Ordinance is to refuse Him and to refuse Him brings damnation to your soul. As you continue to walk on this Earth (living) but dead to Him you have made your choice this choice will follow you even in death. Rebellion is a choice with a consequence to humble yourself is to heap in the ways of God. Learn God be a tyro and do the true Will of God and not of your own mind remember to be in covenant with God is to live in the Laws living alive keeping the Commandments, Statues and doing His Ordinances. Remember He warns His! "This is your Exodus"

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