God Almighty forgive me for adultery, fornication,covetness

The problems we face today has been prophecized about many centuries ago and if we would take time and think about our actions, go back and be reconciled to God and live in righeouseness we shall see the difference. But because of selfish, unthoughtfulness we tend to want everything to be ok but not to suffer the consequences for them. Many of us choose to appoint leaders to take the fall for our mistakes so that if they fail fingers can be pointed. Its time to start at home point the finger at yourself. Government of your own home, family and self is the beginning. We as united states citizens were given a treaty many centuries ago that proclaim our duties but because of stubborn, lazy, unrationality and greed we failed to complete the task. The truth can be a bitter pill! We had incomplete books (work) to completer that still have not been done not because of modern man but our leader from centuries ago never explained, leaving us to fend for ourselves with unexplainable work or fallacy. The science and history that we have has failed us, our children and their future children. We sit here not paying attention to things like prophecy which explains that our economy would be shaken not by man but by God for our destructive ways. But yet we blame the leaders that try to piece together things to help. Understand in choosing a leader first of all we should choose in righteousness but yet most choose just because. If you would first ask God to guide you by saying the reconciliation prayer cause as we know 1John "God fellowships not with sinners" God for give me for adultery, fornication, covertness, murder.. in the name of Jesus amen. Then He shall for what ever we ask afterward as long as we aim in righeousness we shall hear. But be patient it is a process. Know that prophecy said that the strong will be weak look at the USA isnt that enough. Reach people the USA has instead of keeping God in the equation have forsaken the rules allowing adultery to control. How dare we say in God we trust when we know not the true God. Discern for yourself truth cause God never appoint anyone to lead in unrighteousness. Abortion is murder, same sex marriage is homosexuality we have a never changing God who is not with theis change of the year life style that most agree with. Wide is the way to destruction but narrow is the way to God. Repent and return to God for He hold not up the unrighteous but those who have been reconciled and hold to righteousness. You say the cross is for you this is the time to bear it dont be a pharisee saying but not diong be a true warrior of righteousness and start at home. Forsake these worldly temptations and live upright. Watch all that you do and keep wit God and let His ways be shown in you life outside and inside. Keep your eyes open for God says this is the generation that shall see His work be done!

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