God Almighty forgive me for adultery, fornication,covetness

Please forgive us for our absence we have been so very busy trying to complete some works its just so hard and complicated to get the help needed to succeed in todays society. We have been working on projects to promote health and we have been struggling to get the manufacturers to produce the products needed. Any way we have been also doing much research to get out to the world the truth about products we use. Not only do we promote the truth but we have the healthy cure that helps our body to sustain but because we are unable to manufacture our products we are having the hardest time getting it prepared and in the hands of people who want to live healthier. Now for instance we can explain some of the problems with the works being done such as the honey comb that the lip balm or other products that are made from this notice that this is contaminate because it is the waste of the wasp of which everyone cause the bee. Also look at the water that we drink which has been filtered out of the toilet and many other contaminate waste areas and even bottled so you don't think its contaminated. If we are to make a change in our society we must all work together and promote truth and help to sustain life the right way. Again welcome back and sorry we have been gone for so long if you have any suggestions on how to promote a manufacturing company that will produce our products please let us know thank you

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